There are many beautiful moments and milestones in a person's life, one of the most magical is motherhood/fatherhood ♥

I know that maternity photography is a very sensitive matter, so I always try my best to meet the expectations of both of the parents to be. Although I offer photoshoot in the warmth of your home - here I would recommend rather a professional photo studio.

On the other hand, in the case of newborn photography, I recommend taking pictures in your home. Your sweet baby is the first weeks best at home with parents, and although the studio offers great facilities and often amazing accessories (especially the studio I work with in Pardubice), especially in the summer months, when there is enough light throughout the day I recommend the photo shoot at home. Only in the winter months is worth a studio, which everything beautifully illuminates, which usually in the conditions at home can not be easily achieved. But everything is up to you and how you feel :)




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